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Marking Cards Invisible Ink

Do you know that how to make marks that helps poker players know each poker card? The card marking ink is used to make luminous marked cards that you could have a big chance to win poker games.

Card marking ink is a kind of special ink that can be used to mark any kind of poker cards. For example, the Bee poker cards, the Bicycle poker cards, the Modiano poker cards, the Fournier poker cards, the KEM poker cards and other kinds. We could make marks with the card marking inkon the back or on the four side edges. What is more, when we mark the back marks, we will use the invisible ink pen. And if we mark the barcode, we will use the printer. The card marking ink is imported from foreign country and it is with good quality.

Card marking ink for invisible marked cards brings more benefits to the poker players. They could use them to help them win many different kinds of poker games. It is convenient to use these invisible marked cards.

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