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Best Marked Deck

Marked cards are the main products that we sell to poker players. With special invisible ink and marking cards printer, we can process any kind of poker cards into best marked deck.
The marked cards has two types: back marked cards and side marked deck. The invisible ink we use to mark regular poker cards can be IR ink, UV ink, luminous ink or laser ink. These invisible ink marks printed on the cards by our marking cards printer.
The back marked cards can be print big marks in the middle or small marks on the four corners. The invisible ink back marked cards can help you increase the winning odds by working with IR/UV/Luminous contact lenses and marked cards sunglasses, no laser contact lenses or laser sunglasses.
Besides, we can print barcodes on the sides of regular poker cards to produce side marked cards. These barcodes can be read by any types of poker camera lens.

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