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Modiano Cheating Marked Cards

Originated from Italian, Modiano playing cards never disappoint its clients from all over the world by showing its superior quality, long durability and perfect flexibility. On the basis of Modiano playing cards, manufacturers can give it a magic power via machining its back with invisible ink. Suits and numbers that can be only detected by infrared contact lenses and perspective sunglasses will be marked one specific cards. In general, there are two kinds of marking pattern including a big font in the middle of the poker back and four small fonts on the four corners. Of course, poker players can customize their special marks as well. Here we can provide our customers with satisfactory customized-service. Besides, the more decks of Modiano cheating playing cards you buy, the more discounts you will get. Your reasonable requirements can be fully satisfied in here. Taking advantage of invisible ink Modiano marked cards, your edge at poker will be greatly increased.

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