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Luminous Ink Suppliers

We are the luminous ink suppliers, we have many types of invisible ink, for example: juice ink, IR invisible ink, UV invisible ink, laser ink, using these invisible ink to mark cards for poker games or magic show, which have very good effect at cards poker cheat.
There are many our customers who have highly of the invisible ink for good cards marking. Theses invisible ink can marking playing cards for IR or UV ink contact lenses, also can marking poker cards for poker analyzer scanners. The invisible ink on cards will stay for a long time and you can not find any difference between the invisible ink marked cards and regular poker cards.
When you mark the poker cards, you can fill the ink into a pen to mark cards or use the printer for marking. By using these invisible ink, you will play the games in a more conceal way because the invisible ink marked cards poker enjoy extremely secret advantage compared other marked playing cards.


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