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Luminous Ink Contact Lenses

Luminous ink contact lenses are using to see the marks of magic marked cards. With different color of eyes, you can choose different size of the luminous contact lenses. There are 4mm, 5mm or 9mm for your choose from. Wearing this kind of marked cards contact lenses, your original eyes' color will not be changed at all.
The newest luminous ink contact lenses support for reading the luminous ink marked playing cards, marked rummy cards, marked dominoes. With the extensive usages, they will increase your winner odds. You will find many advantages by using them. First, compared with the perspective sunglasses, they are more secret in poker games. Second, it is the easiest and simplest way for you to apply them in poker. Third, they enjoy high quality, so there is no problem for you to see the invisible marks clearly even in a longer distance. Last, they are suitable for all many games such as poker games, Mahjong, Domino and Paigow. In cheating, you can wear them about 8 hours and they will not do any harm to your eyes.

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