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Marked Cards Contact Lenses

Marked cards contact lenses is the great and useful infrared ink reader to read invisible ink marked cards at different poker games or magic shows. Have you ever used or heard of marked cards contact lenses?
The marked cards invisible ink contact lenses can use to see any brand of invisible ink back marked playing cards for contact lenses under different lights. We have two types of marked cards contact lenses: IR luminous ink contact lenses and UV poker contact lenses. The different marked cards contact lenses use to see different type of magic marked deck. The IR contact lenses uses to see the infrared ink marked poker cards. The UV poker contact lenses uses to recognize the UV ink marked playing cards.
" How to use marked cards contact lenses ” this is many our new customers who will ask. Actually, it is very easy to use them, you just need wear the invisible ink contact lenses, you can see the marks on the back of marked invisible ink cards, the marks can't be seen by naked eyes, which only can be seen by marked cards contact lenses.
What is more, marked cards contact lenses is suitable for any colors' eyes, which won't change your eyes' color, because we have different pupil's sizes for your to choose from, you just need tell us the color of your eyes.

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