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Marked cards is a secret magic tool that few people know. If we don't know the existence of marked cards, when the magician has a poker performance with marked cards, we will feel that he has magic, and think his magic is amazing, but when you know about marked cards, then you will feel that it is so simple.

Marked cards are poker cards that are marked with invisible ink, these marks are made on the back or on the side of cards, we can't see them with our eyes directly, but when you have the invisible ink reader, you can see what you can't see.

Invisible Ink Marked Cards

As technology becomes more developed, invisible ink marked cards is not only used in the magic field, but also in poker games. Do you know how to use invisible ink marked cards in poker games? What games can use these invisible ink marked cards? It's very simple for people who have used it, but it's a mystery for those who have never used it. Now I will help you uncover this mystery.

Invisible ink marked cards are these poker cards with are printed invisible marks on the back of cards, you can't see invisible marks with your eyes directly, you need the special invisible ink reader to read them.

There are 3 types of invisible ink marked cards: marked cards for contact lenses, barcode marked cards for poker analyzer, infrared marked cards for infrared camera. These 3 type of invisible ink marked cards can be viewed by different poker cheating device. If you want to read the marked cards for contact lenses, you just need a pair of special invisible ink contact lenses or sunglasses. The barcode marked cards can be scanned by any type of poker scanners, which needs work together with poker analyzer, poker scanner, mini earpiece. The infrared marked cards only can be viewed by infrared camera. You can choose different type of invisible ink marked cards according to your different poker games.

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