Marked Cards

In past, people have already begun to make some tricks on the backs of playing cards for winning. Marking cards is a complicated skill. It’s not easy to make a pair of perfect marked cards. Due to the limitation of technology in past, people could just make some visible marks on the back design of cards.

Until now, these marking ways are still in use. With the development of printing technology, invisible ink marked cards become more and more common. Manufacturers print the poker with invisible ink so the concealment of invisible ink marked cards are excellent. Then what the processure of processing the ordinary cards into marked cards?

How to Mark Cards?

There are some introductions about the different processing procedures for these two kinds of marked poker cards.

Divided by processing technology, there are two main marked playing cards.

1. Visible Marked Cards

Visible marked poker cards are also called traditional marked cards because these poker cards are processed with traditional visible marking ways. The markings of these cards are visible because we directly make some slight changes on decks of playing cards without using invisible ink. The common marking ways are block-out, cut-out, tinting and hieroglyphics.

Visible marked cards
  • A) Block-out

    Block-out marking is using the same color to cover some patterns of the cards. For example, we will use ink pen to block one petal of flowers.

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  • B) Cut-out

    Cut-out marking way is adding (or cutting out) somethings into (from) the back patterns with the help of a razor blade or craft knife.

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  • C) Tinting

    Tinting is similar to block-out. Instead of colouring in the whole petal, tinting is using light ink to cause color difference on the petal.

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  • D) Hieroglyphics

    Unlike the above 3 marking ways, this way don’t need to remember what these marks stand for what points. They are very recognizable.

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Although these marking ways are visible, the marks are very slight. Players will miss concealed marks unless they observe the cards carefully and thoroughly. Visible marked cards aren’t your targets? There is another kind of marked playing cards.

2. Invisible Ink Marked Cards

In recent years, invisible ink marked cards are widely used in poker gambling games. Like the name, these poker cheat cards are invisible for our naked eyes. From their appearances, there is no difference. Because of different the processing technologies, players need to use different devices to read the secrets of marked playing cards.

invisible ink marked playing cards

A) Contact Lenses Back Marked Cards

Contact lenses marked poker cards are processed with invisible ink, so the backs of playing cards won’t have any change. We often print a big font and suits on the back. Even from several meters away, you can see the luminous marks clearly.

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B) Marked Poker Cards with Infrared Invisible Ink

Like contact lenses marked cards, this kind of cards is also printed invisible ink marks on the back. The difference is that these poker are processed with infrared invisible ink. So marks can’t be detected by infrared contact lenses and glasses. They need to be scanned by poker scanner. After scanning, the poker lens will send the information to the receiver and then the marks will be shown on the computer screen.

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C) Bar-code Marked Poker Decks for Poker Analyzer

Bar-code marked cards are also called side marked cards because the marks on playing cards are printed on the sides of playing cheating cards. Bar-code luminous marked cards need to be used with poker analyzer. According to the information hidden in the code, the poker winning system will get the results of winners in every round of gambling.

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* Marking Cards with Invisible Ink Pen

In some online videos, someone uses an invisible ink pen to mark playing cards. This seems to be a good way. We are telling you now that this is not feasible! The back patterns of different playing cards have different colors, so the invisible ink required is different. Attempting to buy an invisible ink pen to mark playing cards yourself will only cost you more money. Even if you see the invisible ink pen in the video, the effect is perfect, without any blemishes. But the real effect is terrible, as long as you look at the card in different directions, the traces will be obvious.

How to Judge Best Marked Cards?

We have talked about how to mark poker cards above, but how to choose best marked cards is also an important lesson. Although there are many factors affect marked cards and there is no clear quality review standard. There is also a set of recognized assessment criteria formed by experience in this industry. Here is some advice was followed according to our more than 10 years of marking and selling marked cards experience.

At the same time, our online store also offers the best marked cards. Click on the button below to browse our marked playing cards catalog and pick the one that works best for you.

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  • 1. Odor. is there a pungent smell when you open the box? If so, it means that this deck has been packed before the ink dries. Then it will affect the texture and use of the card, even cards will stick together seriously.
  • 2. Packing. an excellent packing will greatly reduce the possibility of being suspected. Our company adheres to the principle that same as the original card for the packaging of high quality marked cards.
  • 3. Appearance. will be the front face or white side become yellow? Because if playing cards marked and keep for a long time, it easily becomes yellow. Or otherwise the markers used wrong ink to mark cards.
  • 4. Card integrity. Check the card when you receive it, make sure the card is not lost or broken. What's more, cards should be in good shape. For example, we all know KEM playing cards adopt special material which is easily decomposed in the air, so their body is easy to swell, and the board is easy to crack.
  • 5. Cleanliness of cards. When marking cards, dipping dust, ink, and debris on the board are common occurrences. If those dirty items didn't remove, those cards are equivalent to scrap. Especially the barcode marked cards.
  • 6. Marks. A top quality marked card should with excellent marks. You may not know light will affect marks greatly, but a good marked card always can show clear marks under different light and can't be read by your eyes. By the way, even the marks on white area line are clear enough and invisible to your eyes, it also not a perfect marked card.
  • 7. Color. Some marks cards seem have great marks under infrared contact lenses or sunglasses after marking, but its color already changed greatly and quite different from original cards.
  • 8. Service life. Normally speaking, a deck of top quality plastic marked cards can keep more than 2 years if you don't open the packing. If it opened, it also can last more than 3 months until marks disappeared.

The above 8 points will give you a good suggestion when you first try to pick a card. Marked cards formed under different needs and different technologies have their unique characteristics. No matter which type of marked cards, suitable for yourself is the most important thing.

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