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How to Mark Cards With An Invisible Luminous Pen

If you are familiar with luminous ink marked cards poker, you should know their magic influence at poker games. Do you have an interest in marking playing cards with invisible ink by yourself? Do you know how to mark cards with an invisible luminous pen? Now I introduce you a easy way to mark playing cards with an invisible luminous pen.
This pen filled with invisible ink is the easiest way to mark cards. This is a very good chance to write marks you need easily. This method is very suitable for your home games or private casinos. You can mark cards with the invisible ink pen at any time. The other method is the high-tech printer to mark cards with mass production. This device is capable of printing any kind of cards: back invisible marked cards and barcode marked cards poker. After marked, they are excellent and secret for your poker cheating.
With their good concealment, other players will not find any flaw, so you can relax yourself to enjoy the whole poker cheating. The printer is powerful to mark poker cards more than 60 decks in one hour. With this advantage, you can sell marked cards poker to other players to get huge margin.

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