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How to Mark Luminous Ink At Home

Do you want to mark cards at home? Have you ever heard mark luminous ink? Now we will teach you a easy to mark playing cards with luminous ink at home.
Generally, our technical staff mark the regular playing cards into magic marked cards with poker printer and luminous ink. When use the luminous ink to mark playing cards on their backs, we can print big marks in the middle or small marks on four corners. Besides, marked poker cards produced by our company can keep good hand feel and shape of their original cards after being processed with luminous ink, giving you the original hand feel.
What is more, we not only mark playing cards with luminous ink for customers, but also sell luminous ink to customers so that they can mark luminous ink at home by themselves. The marks made by our luminous ink can keep unfading even after a long time use of the marked playing cards.
There is a marker pen with luminous ink set for you to mark cards at home, you can use it to write marks on any brand of cards you like on the backs of regular playing cards.

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