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dice bowl cheating camera

Dice Bowl With Infrared Camera Gambling Cheating Devices

How to cheat at dice game? You may hear there are different poker cheating devices, so what about dice cheating equipment? How can we play a trick if without processed the dice itself? Dice bowl with inf...
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embedded shuffer machine poker camera

Gambling Cheating Device Embedded Shuffer Machine Camera to Scan Poker

There are too many carriers for installing poker cards scanning camera, but it is rare to reduce the number of suspected carriers. The embedded cards shuffler machine is exactly the one which is hard to arise suspicion from poker player. We all know modification a embedded ca...
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Samsung S5 Poker Scanner

SAMSUNG S5 Scanning Camera for Gambling Cheating Decks

SAMSUNG S5 is the latest style of the SAMSUNG serious of phone. And the SAMSUNG S5 scanning camera is one of our latest phone scanning cameras. Comparing with other scanning cameras, SAMSUNG S5 scanning camera is pretty practical with multi-function. Others won’t notice it as a camera to scan marked cards while it can be used as a normal...
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AKK Vibrator

AKK Vibrator Invisible Ink Marked Poker Accessories

While talking about the ways of getting poker games’ results from poker scanning system, people know that we can receive the information by mini spy or see the result directly on the screen of poker analyzer. In fact, seldom people know that there is anther way to get the result. Now our company launched a very safe and convenient ...
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Universal Charger

Universal Charger for Cheating Casino Poker Games

Every time when talking the details of poker scanning system, some customers just have that worry: they are afraid that they can not find that suitable charger for the batteries in their country. As you know that the poker analyzer and poker scanning camera need the batteries to work. Here, we have the universal charger, which can charge various...
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Poker Table Camera

Trick Poker Table for Marked Cheating Playing Cards

①Texas Holdem poker table This Texas Holdem Table has a full set of bumper pads around the table. The pads are covered with a high grade mildew resistant black vinyl.  The table top is produced from a casino style high grade green felt. The table top is padded to give the players the highest comfort level. Under th...
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Chip Tray

450 Black Plastic Chip Tray Scannning Camera for Sale

9 Row molded chip tray holds 450 chips which is made of thick ABS plastic. Have room for up to casino-sized 450 chips in this rugged ABS Composite chip tray.     • 9 rows which hold up to 50 chips each, for a total of 450 chips     •...
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Poker Chip

Poker Chips in Casino Marked Cheating Cards Games

13.5 gram heavy weighted Double Suit clay poker chips made of high quality clay composite material. These chips are some of the heaviest chips available on the market and have the ultimate touch and feel with the perfect sound that will really impress your friends! The ideal poker chips for your home poker game or your poker chip collection.Thes...
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Poker Cards Shuffler

Poker Card Shuffler Poker Machine Cheating Devices

Still shuffle the cards with your own hands? Come on. Here we have a helper for you! Shuffle two card decks with one push of a button. The one-touch automatic card shuffler perfectly shuffles up to two decks in no time so there is no lapse in play. It is a great gift for arthritis sufferers and those who need assistance shuffling. Use with bridg...
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casino games with remote control dice

Remote Control Dice Magic Trick Device for Entertainment

This is a magic trick dice; the point of it could be the number as you wish. Can you believe that? With our remote control trick dice, its points would be whatever you want it to be. Just press the button of the controller, and then you will enjoy the whole poker games.We can control two numbers on every dice. We install a small piece of magnet ...
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