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Gambling Cheating Device Embedded Shuffer Machine Camera to Scan Poker

  • embedded shuffer machine poker camera embedded shuffer machine poker camera
Material: Metal
Scanning distance: 5-8cm
Origin: China
Contain: Remote control, shuffler
Payment way: Western Union and Moneygram
Teach method: Video
Product ID: IIMC00178

There are too many carriers for installing poker cards scanning camera, but it is rare to reduce the number of suspected carriers. The embedded cards shuffler machine is exactly the one which is hard to arise suspicion from poker player. We all know modification a embedded cards shuffler machine is a hard task, compared with other type shuffler only put on the table. However, eventually we did it and wouldn't change their basic function. What's more, it can scan marked cards within 0.1s after it cut and shuffling.

It is a squeeze cover cards shuffler machine and you can choose shuffling cards 3 times or 8 times after you put the cards. When it finished cutting and shuffling, cards will be scanned by the camera lens. By the way, the position of the lens is installed enough to be concealed and hard to find by eyes, even by machine. Then cards will appear from the top rather than the bottom as other types. If you are not allowed to put things on table, it also not a problem, because you can receive results via headset from poker analyzer. No matter how far you away from the cards dealer, you always can get a result in time and without your partner's help.

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Name: Resham Time: 2023-04-23 18:14:02
Message: I need playing card contract lense
Reply: Hello friend, I have sent messages to your whatsapp about our products. Looking forward to your reply, thank you

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