Dal Negro Ramino San Siro Marked Poker Decks for Contact lenses

Brand: Dal Negro
Color: red and blue
Packing: 2 decks /set
Weight: 0.32kg
Delivery Time: 2-3 working days
Shipping Ways: FedEx, TNT, DHL, EMS, ePacket

Dal Negro Ramino San Siro cards are ordinary in Italy. The patterns of the cards reflect artistic preferences, cultural affinities and even the tastes of various rulers form abroad. Dal Negro Ramino San Siro playing cards with luminous marks are specifically designed for a more impressive performance! We often process these Dal Negro Ramino San Siro poker cards into marked playing cards with invisible ink.

Playing Cards Characteristics:
–Material: Triplex Cardboard (0,33mm; 360g/mc)
–55 Playing Cards per deck
–Card Size: 8.8*6.3cm
Blue cards: Marked with big fonts in the middle of the playing cards.
Red cards: Marked with big fonts in the middle or small fonts in 4 corners.
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