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Modiano Texas Holdem Poker Marked Cards

  • Modiano Texas Holdem Gambling Marked Cards Modiano Texas Holdem Gambling Marked Cards
  • Modiano Texas Holdem Marked CardsModiano Texas Holdem Marked Cards
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Brand: Modiano
Origin: Italy
Size: Poker Wide Size 3.5" x 2.5"
Material: Plastic
Delivery Ways: FedEx, DHL, EMS, ePacket
Color: Black, Brown, Dark Green, Light Green, Orange, Purple, Red
Product ID: IIMC001

Have you had a series of unlucky rounds in poker? This is a great day for you because you've found a new way to play.

Our Modiano Texas Holdem Marked Cards will identify themselves to you during gameplay when working in combination with our other products. From an outsider's point of view, you will be unable to see your cards just like everyone else in the room. How does this work? Keep reading, and all will be illuminated.

Why Choose Modiano Marked Decks?

Modiano is a world-renowned manufacturer, and decks from this brand are far more durable than most decks. All the Modiano marked cards we made are imported from them. They are 100% plastic and resist bending or tearing -- this is important when using marked decks for a long time because you don't have to worry about the decks being worn out and the markings fading.

The plastic playing cards are waterproof, so there's no risk of water damage blurring the decks. They're also washable, so if a card gets soiled by a spilled drink or food, you can simply wipe it off. The markings are processed with oil-based paint, so to maintain the marks' durability, only pure water can be used for cleaning.

As we all know, Modiano Texas Poker decks are available in various colors. Our experienced chemist technicians will print the markings according to the different card colors with the special inks that match them so that the color won't affect how well you can see the invisible ink markings when you use infrared contact lenses or sunglasses.

And then, the marked cards will be carefully placed back into the box and rewrap them with the original plastic packaging film. You wouldn't be able to tell the difference between our cards and a brand new, unopened package of cards.

How Do These Cards Work?

The markings on these cards let you readily recognize which ones you are holding and the others. It is deserved the most direct and effective way to improve your winning rate in the game. The markings are based on the human eye's perception of visible and invisible light, which textbooks call the spectrum. So, people can see the markings only through a polarizer/filter or some particular light source.

How Do I See the Markings?

Infrared invisible ink glasses can help you see the markings, but we usually use them to test marked cards. In actual games, wearing infrared contact lenses is the best practice for reading markings. Unlike regular contact lenses, there is a purple filter in the center of the infrared contact lenses, enabling you to read the invisible ink markings. There is no need to worry that it will make you weird and noticeable, which will fit your pupil size and deepen your eye color but not change it.

Infrared Contact Lenses Seeing Modiano Texas Holdem Marked Cards

So much of poker comes from the luck of the draw. Luck isn't reliable. We need to arm ourselves with every advantage. Our Modiano Texas Holdem Marked Cards eliminate luck from the equation and guarantee that you make the right call every time. So if you never want to play a game that doesn't work in your favor again, contact us for pricing today.

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