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White Backside Luminous Ink Marked Dominoes Double Six

  • double six luminous ink marked dominoes double six luminous ink marked dominoes
Size: Double six set
Origin: China
Packing: Box
Weight: 0.48kg
Occasion: Magic show, poker games, Casino, private games
Shipping Ways: FedEx, TNT, DHL, EMS, ePacket
Product ID: IIMC00181

Dominoes is popular used in many places for the games, with our white backside luminous ink marked dominoes, you can get much more fun in the daily dominoes games.

White Backside Luminous Ink Marked Dominoes Double Six refers to the double six set of  dominoes with white back and luminous ink marks on the back. This kind of luminous marks is visible to naked eyes and only you with a pair of infrared sunglasses or infrared contact lenses can see the marks from which you can tell the point or number clearly. Our technicians can mark dominoes of double 9 sets or double 12 sets. They work in the same way. With such good invisible ink marked dominoes sets, you can always be the final winner. Also you can send us your own dominoes to mark with invisible ink marks for you.

Please note that the good quality marked dominoes looks the same as the normal clean ones. Someone said that the marked dominoes he bought from the Aliexpress has the shadow or mark that he could see with naked eyes. As far as I'm concerned, for the invisible ink products, it's the high quality ones that we should buy and use for games but not the low price products to choose.

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