poker cheating device

scanning camera
baccarat dealing shoe poker scanner

Baccarat Dealing Shoe Poker Cheating Device with Poker Analyzer

We can see people playing baccarat games in various countries. People all use dealing shoe to play, the most common poker cheating device for Baccarat is dealing shoe camera with playing cards analyzer. Baccarat was originally a game in European countries...
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pk s518 poker analyzer

PK King S518 Analyzer Poker Cheating Device for Casino Gambling

PK King S518 poker card analyzer is a device to calculate out the first hand and second hand in the poker gambling. You just need to put the phone in the position where the poker analyzer can scan the barcode of marked poker cards. PK S518 poker hand analyzer can scan 2 decks...
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pures cards exchanger

Black Leather Purse Exchanging Poker Cheating Devices

Black leather purse cards exchanger device is very helpful when you are playing poker gambling. Leather purse is a common item in our daily life. It’s very normal that you go to casino with a purse. No one will pay attention to your black leather purse exchanging cards cheating device because this cards exchanger looks similar with normal ...
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poker analyzer cvk 400

Omaha Poker Analyzer CVK 400 Poker Cheating Device

CVK 400 poker analyzer is a popular cheating tool in gambling devices market. From the appearance, CVK analyzer look like a real phone. In function, it can do what a real phone can do, such as making a call, sending a message and surfing the Internet etc. What’s more, it can do more than a real phone can do. It can help you win easier in c...
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blackjack shoe poker cheat device

Transparent BlackJack Shoe Poker Cheat Device Reading Cards

Have you imaged that without the help of poker analyzer, you can get result only through Blackjack shoe poker cheating device? We all know poker analyzer is useful for Texas Holdem or Omaha gam...
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Car Key Scanning Camera

Car Key Scanning Camera for Marked Poker Cheating and Magic Shows

Believe it or not! You can have your car keys work as a scanning camera. So far, we have successfully installed the secret camera in the car keys of BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Chery. The distances ranges we have successfully developed are as following: 10-20cm, 20-30 cm, 30-40cm and 40-50cm, 20-40cm. Of course, you car k...
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Npkia X6 Poker Analyzer Scanner

Nokia X6 Scanning Camera Poker Machine Cheating Devices

Nokia series are always the prior option for many people. There is no difference between the appearances of the Nokia X6 with a camera inside and the very normal ones. The scanning camera that we are going to install into the phone is so small and secretive that no one can notice it. The distances between the barcode marked cards and the Nokia X...
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USB Cable Scanning Camera

USB Cable Scanning Camera for Side Marked Cheating Poker

USB Cable is commonly used nowadays. When people are outside the house, they use a power band to charge a phone or Ipad, at this time a USB Cable is always being used.  What is more, our scanning camera can be installed into the USB cable pretty well. You can be relaxed to put it on the table because no one will notice it. Det...
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Poker Chips Camera Lens

Poker Chips Scanning Camera for Marked Poker on Sale

Can you believe that you can use the chips to scan barcode marked cards? Actually we can do that for you. Since chips are normal things in various kinds of casino, and we can install the scanning camera into the chip perfectly, on one will notice that, and then you can feel free to enjoy the games. Such a convenient thing, you should contact u...
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Power Bank Scanning Camera

Power Bank Scanning Camera for Infrared Marked Poker Cards Scanner

As we all know that Iphone6 is one of the latest fashionable phone and enjoys the large population from all over the world, thus the Iphone 6 Power Banks are also very popular used. We can install a mini camera into it so as to scan the barcode marked cards for the poker analyzer. Don’t you think it is cool that you can scan the barcode ...
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