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Black T-shirt Poker Card Scanner

  • T-shirt poker scanner for barcode playing card analyzer T-shirt poker scanner for barcode playing card analyzer
  • black T-shirt poker scanner camera scan marked cards on poker tableblack T-shirt poker scanner camera scan marked cards on poker table
  • T-shirt external camera for poker analyzerT-shirt external camera for poker analyzer
Color: Black
Scanning Distance: Dynamic
Battery Working Time: 4-5 hours
Application: Omaha, Texas holdem, Baccarat and Blackjack
Required Cards: Invisible Barcode Marked Cards
Product ID: IIMC00187

Black is the most suitable color to conceal secrets. That's why we choose the black T-shirt to process with the camera. The T-shirt poker scanner works as an external camera for the poker analyzer. It is a kind of professional camera that can read invisible ink barcodes on the sides of marked playing cards. Due to its concealment and safety, our T-shirt poker scanner is appreciated by many poker players.

Features of T-shirt Poker Scanner

  • Different scanning distances are optional according to your demand. There are 15-25 cm, 20-30 cm, and 30-40 cm. And their scanning width is 17 cm, 24 cm, and 36 cm, respectively.
  • Equipped with a top-quality battery, it can work for 4-5 hours.
  • There are a variety of black T-shirts with different patterns to choose from.

What Is a Poker Scanner?

A poker scanner is a secret camera that can read the invisible ink barcode playing cards. The ordinary camera can't scan the markings we tint on the cards. Besides, the poker scanner needs to work with a poker analyzer cause it can't analyze the data by itself. Therefore, it is regarded as an outward camera of the analyzer.

T-shirt poker scanning camera scan marked cards on poker table

How Can the T-Shirt Poker Scanner Do You Favor?

You don't need to put the cheating phone poker analyzer on the table. Just wear our T-shirt poker scanner and act as usual. There is a remote control to turn on or off the scanner. The camera inside can work well and cause nobody's attention when running. Secretly scan the marked cards, privately send the data to the analyzer, and then the phone analyzer will calculate the first and second-hand winner of games in 0.03 seconds. All the processes are running quietly and secretly. You can wear a mini spy earpiece to receive the results.

Poker analyzer external camera hidden in black t-shirt

By the way, we sell both poker analyzers and barcode marked playing cards. So if you buy a whole set in our store, I am sure a favorable discount is waiting for you.

Our company always focuses on providing top quality products for our customers and wins a lot of appreciation for a long time. So don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you are interested in our black T-shirt poker scanner.

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