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PK King 508 Poker Scanner Analyzer of Lateral Barcode Marked Poker

  • PK 508 Poker Analyzer Software PK 508 Poker Analyzer Software
Color: White and Black
Material: Plastic
Origin: China
Weight: 0.4kg
Scanning Distance: 20-40 cm
Occasion: magic show, poker games, Casino, private games
Product ID: IIMC0075
PK King poker winner predictor is widely used among poker players, now we introduce you the a style of PK 508 poker analyzer. PK 508 poker scanner analyzer is the advanced poker analyzer, it is different from the CVK and AKK poker analyzers, the PK 508 poker analyzer can buy 5 poker games. And the PK 508 poker scanner analyzer not only can scan 1 deck of marked cards, but also can scan 2 decks marked cards. It has 3 frequencies options which so that PK 508 poker analyzers can work with any styles of cameras for any styles of poker predictors.
PK 508 poker scanner analyzer has double built-in cameras to scan the barcode marked cards with invisible ink, the scanning distance is 20-40 cm and its scanning width range is about 25 cm.
If you want to use the long scanning distance scanning camera, you also can use the other playing cards scanner, for example: car key poker scanner, wallet poker scanner, clock poker scanner, button poker scanner and so on.
The PK 508 poker scanner analyzer has more advantages than the normal analyzers:
1. It can buy 5 poker games
2. It has double built-in cameras, the scanning distance is 20-40 cm and width scanning distance is 25 cm
3. It can scan 1 deck or 2 decks of invisible ink barcode marked cards
3. It has 3 frequencies options 
4. You can see the result on the screen of the poker analyzer directly
5. It has a remote controller
The whole set of PK 508 poker scanner system includes the following devices:
1, an PK 508 Poker Analyzer; 
2, Edge Barcode Marked Cards.
3, One Mini Spy Earpiece
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