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Luminous Ink Marked Cards Contact Lenses to See Invisible Ink

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Brand: GS marked cards contact lenses
Size: 5mm & 7mm & 9mm
Effective use period: One year
Quality type: Professional quality & standard quality
Preservation method: Keep in the pure water
Game type: Texas Holdem, Omaha, blackjack, etc
Product ID: IIMC00133

If someone tells you he can read the cards' suits and values from the back of the playing cards by wearing the luminous ink marked cards contact lenses, don't make fun with him, because he is telling you the truth.

Catch the chance before everyone knows it. Luminous ink marked card is a type of cheating poker cards that the hidden marks are only revealing to you. From the outward appearance of these cheating playing cards, it's normal and clean, unless you have the invisible ink contact lenses. So, luminous ink marked cards contact lenses can be used for Texas Holdem, Omaha, blackjack, poker, Caribbean Stud, bridge, pinochle and any array of other games.

Why the luminous ink contact lenses can see the invisible ink marked cards? The secret is in the purple part of the contact lenses. The purple part will help eyes to receive the IR light that human being can not receive themselves. And the reflection light of invisible ink that marked on the back of the playing cards is a kind of IR light, so people can use luminous ink marked cards contact lenses to see the invisible ink marks.

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