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How to see through poker cards

There are two such marked poker, you can use the mark poker, there are very hidden behind the mark, if you are skilled, you can see through each card, but this is only suitable for entertainment, also known as poker sign; password poker. There is also a marked cards that need to wear contact lenses to see the marks, which called invisible ink marked cards. The invisible ink marked cards have three types: marked cards for contact lenses, barcode marked cards, IR marked cards.
1. Manual marks
You can use a needle or a compass to scrape off the paint of the poker cards, the different scratches stand for different cards, but the scratches are not easy to find.



2. Marked cards for contact lenses.
You can use a uv contact lenses or sunglasses to see through marked poker cards, the uv contact lenses or glasses need work with the invisible ink marked cards together, instead of the ordinary poker cards, there is no way to see through the ordinary poker. Besides, other people are absolutely no way to see the marks of invisible ink marked cards, only when you wear the uv contact lenses or sunglasses, you can see the marks very clearly.



3.  Marked cards for scanning camera(barcode marked cards)
There is another marked cards, we called barcode marked cards, the marks are printed on four sides, this kind of cards need work with poker analyzer, scanning camera, mini earpiece. This set of poker devices called scanning system. All brands of the poker cards can be processed into barcode marked cards.
How they work?
When you put the barcode marked cards on the table, the scanning camera will scan the barcode of the marked cards automatically, then transfer the data to the poker analyzer, the poker analyzer analyzes the data and reports the results very quickly, you can hear the results through the mini earpiece.




4. IR marked cards
IR marked cards also called one to one marked cards, this type of marked cards is very special and safe for poker players to use in poker cheating. IR marked cards can't be seen by naked eyes, also can't be seen by uv contact lenses or glasses and scanning cameras, which only can be seen by IR camera. This is our the latest technology.




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