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Cheating playing cards software     2018-09-05

To get the great victory as Piotr Nurzynski, you need some special and wonderful cheating playing cards software to help you.

Coming true your dream with best marked cards and luminous ink contact lenses     2018-08-30

Do you also want to be another Sergio Garcia? the best marked cards with luminous ink contact lenses can help you come true your dream easily.

Magic Poker Dice     2018-08-08

Magic poker dice is used to play many kinds of dice games. And these are not normal poker dices, they are induction cheating poker dices and remote control cheating dices and other kinds of poker dices.

The one to one mini earpiece for poker analyzer      2018-08-08

Have you ever used the one to one mini earpiece for poker analyzer to hear the poker game result? These are good products for all poker players who want to use the poker analyzer cheating system.

Short scanning distance watch poker camera for dealers      2018-07-23

The short scanning distance watch poker camera is 8-15 cm, it is suitable for dealers to use in cheating at different poker games.

Luminous ink playing cards     2018-07-20

Luminous ink playing cards work together with different poker cheating devices. They can be used to cheat at different kinds of poker games.

iPhone cell phone poker analyzer scanner     2018-07-20

As a poker analyzer scanner, each of our iPhone cell phone has been installed inside with a concealed poker scanning camera, whose scanning distance from barcode marked cards can be 20-35 or 25-40 cm.

The best poker analyzer AKK A1     2018-07-18

The AKK A1 is the best quality among poker analyzers, which not only looks fashionable in appearance, but also has many different functions.

iPhone Poker Winner Predictor      2018-07-06

iPhone poker winner predictor as an all-in-one set, it has a high-definition local camera inside, which can scan poker barcodes quickly within 20 to 40cm from the marked cards.

Watch poker camera for poker analyzer     2018-07-05

We have turned common fashionable wristwatches of different styles into poker scanning camera by installing inside them with a poker scanning camera which can scan the barcode marked cards .

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