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Clock Scanning Camera, Scanning Camera, Marked Cards
  • Clock Scanning Camera, Scanning Camera, Marked Cards


Clock is a normal thing that seldom people notice it for being on the wall, considering that, we think that clock can be perfect choice for scanning camera if you do not put any other thing on the poker table. It will be much safer and more convenient for the poker games. It can not only work as a normal clock but also get information for barcode marked cards for you during the games.


We can install a mini camera in clock pretty well, and it will look the same as original one. It is needless for you to worry that someone will figure out the clock on the wall can be scanning camera
The distance it can reach is about 2-3 meters.
The longer the distance is, the larger space is needed of the clock
Please confirm the scanning distance that you need before order.


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Name: Stefan Time: 2023-02-24 21:52:18
Content: Hello I have some questions about the lenses and a pack of card's. With who can I speak about this? Thank you
Reply: Hello friend, please check the email about our products, and looking forward to your reply. Thank you!
Name: J Baker Time: 2023-02-08 02:52:23
Message: I am interested in the Grey UV/IR contact lenses. Please email me prices and ordering information.
Reply: Hello friend, thank you for your inquiry about our products. Please check the email i sent you, thanks!

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