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Bicycle 808 Standard Index Cheating Poker Cards for Contact Lenses

  • bicycle 808 cheating poker cards bicycle 808 cheating poker cards
Teach method: Video and books
Brand: Bicycle
Origin: USA
Marking tool: Professional printer, ink pen
Material: Paper
Delivery time: About 2 working days to USA and Europe
Product ID: IIMC00176

As a world-wild playing cards brand, Bicycle poker cards have a great reputation among global player. In the meanwhile, it has several huge branches which contain Bicycle rider back and Bicycle standard or Jumbo. And Bicycle 808 playing cards is just one type of them. Bicycle 808 standard index cheating poker cards for contact lenses are marked with luminous ink on the original playing cards. What's more, those luminous marks are invisible to your naked eyes. Therefore, how can we recognise those marks?

1. As for Bicycle 808 back marked cards, we offer you infrared contact lenses, UV sunglasses and IR camera to work with this card. However, the ink is different for back marked cards which should be read by poker camera and IR contact lenses, so you can't read IR camera cards with your contact lenses.

2. When it comes to Bicycle 808 barcode cheating poker cards which also called side marked cards, they should work with poker analyzer system and it contains camera, analyzer software, earpieces, remote control. It is more completely when operate than contact lenses. The biggest advantage is you can get the result directly after the cards scanned by poker analyzer.

Bicycle 808 cheating poker cards can be marked with different marking ways as you wish, so please feel free to contact with us about more details or information.

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Name: Mike Time: 2023-11-18 11:03:20
Content: I’m interested in buying a card analyzer and a few decks of cards
Reply: Hello friend, please check the email about our products, looking forward to your reply. Thank you!
Name: Lorenzo Medico Time: 2023-11-09 05:49:02
Message: I am interested in the lenses for fun
Reply: Hello friend, please check the message on Whatsapp about our products, thank you!

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