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Bicycle Ultimate Marked Deck

The Ultimate Deck was introduced before its marketing renowned magicians whose reputation is second to none. These few top card handlers don't detect anything special. Even more interesting: from the secret revealed, magicians in question were able to do a quick read and reveal this without fumbling the identity of a random card taken.
the Ultimate is the marked deck you have been dreaming of!
Manufactured in "Rider Back 808-R" Bicycle Cards by the United States Playing Cards Company.
This is the marked deck you have been waiting for!
Identify any card without seeing its face.
Read the identifiers of the cards directly without having to mark the card yourself.
Yes, No codes, No symbol to interpret, No marking system to learn.
Use genuine "Rider Back 808-R" Bicycle Cards without having to mark the cards yourself
Hand out the deck without fear of detection.
Instant location and direct reading of the marks.

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