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IPhone X Phone Camera to Cheat in Texas Holdem Poker Games

  • iphone x poker scanning camera iphone x poker scanning camera
Material: Metal and Plastic
Package: A Paper Box with Plastic Cover
Payment: Western Union and Moneygram
Shipping: Fedex,DHL, and EMS
Delivery Time: Two or Three Working Days
Product ID: IIMC00175

Iphone X phone camera for online poker name is for poker analyzer system. It disguises itself as a perfect and real Iphone X phone model. But in fact, there is a mini camera for barcode marked playing cards inside the phone model.

So what are the advantages of Iphone X cheating camera? First of first, the accuracy and scanning speed are its highlight. Within one second, the camera can read marked cards about 20 times at the perfect clarity. Catching the clear barcode image is the most important part in the whole poker analyzer system. If you desire to take advantage of your odd predictor, choosing Iphone X scanner is the optimal choice for you.

Apart from the accuracy and scanning speed, the scanning distance between Iphone X poker cheating camera and barcode marked cards can fall into several sections from 40-80cm. We can customize the scanning distance according to customers’ requirements within this range. In this case, such an external camera for poker analyzer system can meet different needs in different situations.

Surprisingly, this Iphone X not only can be used as a camera for marked cards but also can mark a phone call, send message, watch TV, listen to music, and so on. Such wireless scanner is much functional and powerful beyond your imagination.

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