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Wireless Audio Intercome With A Talker For Poke Games

A useful device for cheaing at poker games could help you a lot.There are different gamble devices and the wireless audio receiver and talker is one of the best devices. This is a reliable and wonderful device to help you win money!
Wireless audio receiver and talker is a popular poker cheating device. It is suitable for back scanning cheating device. When we use a poker cheating camera read the invisible ink marking cards and then this device could tell the player who play in poker rooms and what poker cards they have in their hand. And the user who wear wireless audio receiver can hear what his partner said by a mini earphone, such as: 7 diamond and 8 heart were held by No. 1 player's hand. The long distance wireless speaker is used to convey the poker results conveniently at a long distance. If you can see the poker results in one room and need to tell your partner the results in the other room, the long distance wireless can help you. And it can send your voice by wireless for over 1000 meters. Just an poker wireless earpiece, you partner can hear the results clearly.You can use 2 sets of wireless speaker at the same time. And if you need, the results can be sent to many players. This is a very useful device in the gambling cheat.
Most of poker games will use the mini wireless earpiece. And it is one of the important parts of poker gambling devices.
It is suitable for using at Omaha, Texas holder, Baccarat, Blackjack, Teen Patti, Andar Bahar and other games.

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