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Where Can I Buy the Best Marked Deck of Cards

There is no denying that luminous marked cards is a type of poker cards cheating device widely used by poker players from pole to pole. If you are eager to obtain good marked card deck, you should approach a supplier who you can trust. Our company, as a manufacturer with nearly 20 years history of making playing cards cheating devices, boasts the most advanced technology and equipment to make marked card decks of different brands, including Copag, KEM, Fournier, Modiano, Dal Negro, Aviator, Bee, Bicycle and so on.

We generally use poker printer and invisible ink (luminous ink, laser ink or IR/UV ink) to make two types of marked card decks: barcode deck of marked playing cards and back marked card decks. The former has the invisible marks printed on card backs, while the latter has the invisible marks printed along card edges. All the marks can stay unfading as long as 2 years! There is almost no chromatic aberration between our marked card decks and their original card decks. In addition, we can make the marks depending on your reasonable requirements as well. Both back and barcode marks can be apparently seen by wearing our poker perspective glasses. More importantly, both the back marks and barcode marks are water-resistant and wear-resistant, which can still be read by poker scanner even after we rub the the cards against the table or immerse them in water.

Would you like to buy our company best marked deck of cards now?

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