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What Is The Poker Scanning Analyzer Interphone?

May be you are wondering that is there are any difference between the poker scanning camera analyzer and normal interphone at first sight of this title. While here will be a brief introduction about this special interphone. This poker cheating devices quite suitable to such situation which not allowed put any things on the casino table. It is quite popular among the poker player, especially which playing marked cards with winner analyzer.
To some extent, the marked cards system interphone has the same function as normal interphone that to contact with crowd has certain distance. So how does it work? Firstly, you should know that a set of voice receiver including interphone, signal receiver and earphone. Different signal receiver has different feature, some of them can change their channel to meet unequal interphone. In the meanwhile, you can adjust the voice level. When the analyzer has analysis the date, your companion can retell the result to you by speaking to the interphone, and you will receive the finally result through your earphone. By the way, The best distance from the microphone to your mouth is 5-5.7cm. As for the distance between interphone and signal receiver, the signal receiver can receive the signal from the interphone within 50m. Even some can plug the calling card, so the distance can be long as you make a phone. In addition, some interphone can contact the signal receiver by blue tooth, and these kinds of interphone can match not only one pair of one to one earphone. The distance is farther than other receiver devices. If you are interesting to this device, more information you can get by contacting us!

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