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What Is The 007 Intercom For Casino Cards Games

Just like the common intercom, 007 intercom is used to deliver massage form one place to another place. The most things the users concerned is that how long distance can be reached and whether the quality of the sound is good or bad? Before you have the set of intercom, you also need the barcode marked cards and analyzer system to analysis the date then return the result by your intercom to you partner. So it suit for the situation that any projects can be put on the casino and receiving results with earplugs is the only path.
A set of intercom usually contain a pair earpieces, a signal receiver and intercom. While 007 intercom just including earpieces and signal receiver, due to it can insert the SIM cards to get result. Therefore, your partner can call your number of SIM cards on your signal receiver. Then your partner will tell you the result analysis by the poker winner system through your earpieces, but it regrettably that your partner can't hear your voice. May be you also don't need such function. There is a advantages that the distance from signal receiver and earpieces can be reach 10m as the common intercom just can 1m. That was the charm lies of Bluetooth, because you can choose the ways that contact the poker winner analyzer via Bluetooth. Once the Bluetooth has been contact, the date will been sent to your earpieces. This devices really will help you to accomplish one to one. If you want only you can get the result, we will make it come true. But if you want two, it also be fine, so we can process it as your wish. More information please feel free to contact with us!

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