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The Most Standard of Texas Holdem Tournament

Thousands of poker players make an effort their luck against friends, family and strangers in both online and live Texas Hold'em tournaments every day. In private party game, some poker players make an attempt at cheating in game with Texas Hold'em poker card analyzer, also contact lenses with marked cards. It will be easy for them to win in Texas hold'em,but if you are not so professional, it will be a hard and easy to find by others. So you should know the most standard rules for playing a poker tournament.
Here are some of the most standard rules for playing a poker tournament.
1.Hand-for-hand play - As play approaches the bubble (when the money starts)play may go hand for hand. This means that all tables will deal a hand and the next hand will not be dealt until all tables have completed their hand.
2.All-in Bets - A player who declares himself all in plays for all of the chips in front of him. If the other player has more he is only entitled to an amount equal to his own stack. The same goes for an all-in player that has less than his required blind. He is only entitled to what he put in.
3.Seat Assignment- Your seat will randomly be assigned to you. You will usually be given a card with your table and seat number on it. That is your seat until a tournament director tells you otherwise. Unlike in cash games there are no seat changes.
4.Breaking Tables - As players are eliminated the tournament director will start breaking tables in a pre-determined order. If your table breaks, you will be assigned randomly to an empty seat at one of the remaining tables.

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