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The Luminous Ink Kit

You will receive the kit within 10 business days (or 14-17 business days if international). Your purchase includes shipping, handling, and taxes. The total price is a fraction of the cost of what most competitors are selling one deck of marked cards for! We guarantee the luminous ink will not be defective. We test all luminous ink kits before we send them out to insure that it blends on the red backed playing card within seconds. This luminous ink kit is only for PAPER based red backed cards.

The guarantee: We guarantee that our product works. We test every batch to ensure quality. Due to being able to create a minimum of ten decks of cards we cannot risk people buying the kit and sending it back after they make a few decks of marked cards. So to ensure this doesn't happen, we cannot offer a refund, but we can offer assistance with your guaranteed luminous ink kit.

Anyone can create the marked cards. It is very simple to follow and you will be making marked cards in a flash. The kit comes with the following: Step by step directions, red filtered film, fine tip paint brush, and the luminous ink.

We have had a lot of requests to make a substance for PLASTIC playing cards. Note that it is extensively more expensive due to the material cost for the kit so we do not offer the plastic kit. You can, however, search the internet to find it. They run about $800/kit. The way to obtain plastic deck of cards is to buy them from us with our contact lenses. See our infrared contact lenses page for more details.

Notice: To enjoy all perks of cheating texas hold em or being better than a professional magician, you will need to purchase red filtered glasses or red filtered contacts. As long as the vision is red, it will work. The reason poker players will not beable to see the markings (even with their sunglasses) is because 99% of poker players that wear sunglasses have the normal sunglasses so their vision doesn't change. Red filtered glasses are hard to come by and almost always require customization. We offer a cheap and affordable way of obtaining these glasses. It is by buying the glasses kit and making the glasses yourself with our red filtered film.

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