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The choice of magic playing cards

A lot of magic lovers like the magic of playing cards, I am also crazy like it.
I do not talk much about poker with close-range magic. I believe we should all have our own experience.
Stage poker magic has many categories, the stage cards is one of the category. But there is little knowledge about it.
Today I write down some of my experience and share with you.
The general stage cards for my first choice is to use the United States BEE card (that is, honey bee card).
Relative to the Bicycle cards, the touching feeling and softness of Bee cards should be better than Bicycle cards.
Bicycle cards is hard, when you touch the cards  for many times, your hand won't feel good.
If you practice for long time with the Bicycle cards, which will hurt your hand. So the Bicycle cards is more suitable for close-range magic.
The color of the back of the card is also very important, many people will easily ignore it.
I don't know if you have found that when you are practicing remembering the cards' back, you will have the feeling that finger joints will leak the card back.
Especially the edge of the card caught by the fingers. In fact, this should not be called Leakage.
If you have to pay attention to its color. As far as possible with some color close to the color of the hands of the poker back card.
There is buy abroad for the use of back cards with the poker. Color and hand color is basically close.
Domestic poker is varied, be careful to pick your vertigo.
The most important thing is not the color of the back of the card and your hand skin color contrast too.
Like a red back and blue back of the card, I will choose the red back,
Generally speaking on the stage with the light of the integrated, coupled with the stage from the audience cannot see.
About the size of poker cards back, which is generally based on the size of your hand to the set.
Many of my friends are afraid to use big poker because of their small hands. In fact, not necessarily.
The general back a few cards is does not matter, if the number of more you will find a small poker with a finger is not good grip.
It is easy to grip out easily out of the card, because the card thicker. Flexibility also increased.
At this time you can try the larger poker (the size  of Bicycle cards).
Because his width may be more suitable for your fingers to pinch it, you can grip to go to practice.
Stage poker is used to fly according to the way to set.
If you use your thumbs to fly (ie, use your thumb to pin the poker with your fingers).
It is recommended to use poker with stiff and smooth paper. Bounce up will be very fun, smooth.
Poker should also pay attention to the edge is too easy to fly in the license when the card side of your fingers contusion.
If you use the middle finger to fly (ie, the card in the palm of the hand to use the middle of several fingers play poker - the domestic stage licensing technology flying cards commonly used techniques).

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