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Texas Holdem Analysis Software with XP System

Texas Holdem analysis software can be installed in a mobile phone, a computer or a TV. With this software, you will be able to know the poker results before the cards dealt. As a result, winning can be mastered under your control easily.
Devices work with Texas poker software
It is necessary to add a poker camera lens and barcode marked cards to work with the Texas Holdem analysis software. The camera lens can be hidde in many items in our daily life such as a mobile phone, a TV, a lamp or a lighter to read the cards without any suspect from other players. With powerful reading function, the camera will read the cards with 100% accuracy at a high speed, and then will send the signal of cards to a computer on background. The computer with Texas Holdem poker software will show the result in line with your setting.
Results Setting
1. The number and suit of 52 cards in a line will show on screen. And you can set to analyze the flop , turn and river, or show ranking of all players.
2. It can change the cards position even other players cut cards after shuffle.
3. You can set the floop , turn and river by yourself if other player request shuffle cards again after deal cards to each player.
4. It can analysis the ranking for each ground.
5. You can set up big blind , little blind, dealer by yourself.
6. It can tell user to change the winners after burn some cards.

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