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Remote Control Car Key Poker Winner Predictor Scanner

The device will help you know information about the game before the dealer deals the cards,the transmission of information being made wireless, directly in a micro earphone.
By purchasing this system, you have full control over all the players involved in all the existing games, while also maintaining the highest level of privacy, since you don’t need a partner. You can use this system by yourself, without another person’s help.
This prediction system can be used in various ways at your parties. You can predict the future or be the most knowledgeable magician.
The system gives you the ability to accurately predict any information regarding the deck of cards that you use to perform the magic tricks: which card is missing from the deck, what number has the card indicated by the audience, judging by the order in the deck. You will be the most professional magician ever met by everyone.
The advantages of this kind of system:
-Only one person is needed.
-A scanning time of 0.1 seconds.
-Maximum mobility.
-There is no need of wires or a laptop.
-Direct transmission from the scanner to the earphone.
-The possibility to analyze the results for consecutive games.
-High accuracy of the system.
The system works like this: the scanner hidden in the remote control car key camera scans the playing cards from a distance of 30-40 cm in 0.1 seconds. The results are transmitted directly into a micro earphone, without anyone noticing.

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