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Professional Printer Luminous Ink For Poker Games

What your impression about the invisible ink which are used to mark the marked plying cards? And some poker player have asked us which of the invisible ink are more useful and good ? Here we will have a briefly introduction for you!
Many kinds of invisible ink has be release into the marked for different marked cards to meet the customer diversification needs, so you have many chance to choose! All of the luminous ink can be used to write the marked deck, but the marks of poker deck have a good or bad quality of the point. The invisible ink can be used to mark the playing cards for IR/UV readers, barcode marked cards for poker analyzer system and back marked cards read by spy camera. You can write the marks on the cards both in paper and plastic cards, and the mark can be write by your hands or professional printer. The marks printed by hand are different from those printed by printers. Hand-made marks can last at most for 25-30 minutes while those marked by printers can maintain as long as 2 years.
With the luminous ink, you can mark you unique juice marked decks easily. It is safety and useful for you, because all the marks can not be see without the infrared contact lenses or other marked playing cards reader. There are many poker cheating devices can meet your need in our company.

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