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Poker Gambling With Clock Scanner

Many subjects can be processed as marked playing cards devices. But as more and more people knows that a variety of devices has appeared to the casino games, and it is arising the attention from the poker player. So there is a good news for you! The clock poker scanning camera appeared. This device is targeted to such situation that a clear rules has been set anything can not be put on the table. It is really hard to find any secret on the clock.
Just like any other poker scanning camera, a mini spy scanning camera has been installed into the clock. While you would not find any difference between the usual one in the appearance. As a normal thing, seldom people will notice it for being on the wall. It is the best choice for you, if you worried other devices which put on the casino will easily see through. What is more, the distance of this kind of poker scanner can far more most marked playing cards scanner that can meet you requirement enough. In another way, the information of barcode marked cards can be read with it and you can get the result through the your earpieces.
All the good we have for you choose in our company can be customize. So as for the distance, the admitted arrange is 2-3 meters. And the longer the distance is, the larger spaces is needed of the clock.


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