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Playing poker cards with a Infrared Device

The hand is dealt. You slowly look down at your cards when the action is on you.

You see that you have a KK in hand without looking because the markings on the cards gave it away. You look at your hand anyways because you still need to act like you’re playing fair. You see the guy next to you has a QQ and a guy across the table has pocket 9’s. The guy a few seats from you is jumping around in their seat re-adjusting their body, the body language catches your eye and you focus in to see they have AK suited. You have the best hand pre flop so you bet out 20% of your chips ($200). All of the mentioned people call and QQ re-raises all in. You have them with 2 outs (less than a 20% chance to win at the pre flop). You re-raise all in knowing they do not have pocket aces. The pocket 9’s fold, the A-K suited thinks about it, they were playing tight all night and decides to fold. It’s just your kings verse their queens. Flop, turn, river. No queen! You win the pot! Over a $2600 pot!

The infrared sunglasses or contact lenses can help you aid through your poker gaming experience giving you a clear advantage. What could you do if you could see everyone’s hand? What would you give to know every bluff and every honest bet? Infrared contacts and infrared sunglasses are the answer to this prayer.

What if you had the A-K suited and you knew you were versing pocket kings? You only have 3 outs to top their kings, just three outs. If you are suited it gives you an extra few points. But out of 52 cards you having the clear disadvantage will save you so much money knowing when to fold your hand!

Now we are introducing our best seller, “The infrared contact lenses with a marked deck of cards.” (Choose bicycle or bee through email or default to Bee) at just $149.99, you will be able to save that in just the first sitting! Our sunglasses are also priced to sell, at just $149.99 for the sunglasses and marked deck of cards. Our cards are crafted with the best luminous ink printers around. They are clear and visible and can tell you the letter/number and suite of every card! The ink never wears off!

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