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Plastic Transparent Chip Tray Camera For Poker Analyzer

This is a new small transparent chip box poker camera, before it is a all transparent chip box which provide players or dealers to put the gamble chips, that is to say, in reality, mini transparent chip tray is a usual product in poker games. While now we use the black filter to make a small box and connect it under the transparent chip box, so that it will look more nice and more upmarket. While we produce the mini infrared camera and infrared lights in the black filter box, so that this new design chip box camera to be a device for gambling cheating.
This mini chip box camera is very useful and helpful for marked cards scanning analyzer when you play gamble games in casino or poker club, as from outside, no one will see the mini camera and no one will realize that there is more mini camera inside your mini chip box. As for the small chip tray camera, we will make some very small holes for you to turn the power on and off and for you to charge the built-in batteries. And we will make a remote control for you turn the camera on and off after you turn the power on, so that you can control your power and safe more power, so that your small chip box camera can be used for much long time.
While the battery life is most important for many players, as will have some people think maybe it can not work so long time as this is a mini chip box, but in reality, we can make this chip box camera working much long time, even 20 hours is no problem to work. So we can make 8 hours working time, 10 hours, 12 hours, 18 hours of battery life.As for the distance, we can make 6-12cm, 19-29cm, 30-40cm.

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