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Plastic Modiano Black Jack Luminous Marked Cards

Marked playing cards as a cheating devices is widely used in casino gambling around the world. And features are quite different from different brand of marking cards. As for the material, the playing cards can been divide into paper cards and plastic cards. So which kinds of marked cards you are prefer to? Here we will special to introduce Modiano Black Jack Marked Cards.
Modiano Black Jack playing cards with poker printers and invisible ink which are made of plastic, making them extremely playable without sacrificing their durability, resilience and sharpness, and feature stylish appearance, good stretch and comfortable touching. As it's high quality, it is quite popular among the poker player. While the luminous ink marks on the playing cards are invisible by your naked eyes, how can you get the result?
Here are a great amount marked cards devices we have offered to you which can make the marks show you easily. By the way, we can print the marks on the back as normal marked playing cards for infrared contact lenses or sunglasses and write the marks on the side as barcode marked cards for spy camera lens. For poker scanning camera lens, the higher the level is, the better the visual experience! So if you have requirement for their definition, there are three different levels of definition for your choice: 360P, 720P, 1080P. No matter which kind of marked cards you are decide to make, all the cards can be customize. In terms of the marks of normal marked cards, we can not only marked with big font by dark color in the middle, but also the small font can be marked in the 4 corners.

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