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What special PK S608 phone poker analyzer it have?

Are you feel puzzled that you can't find a suitable poker analyzer to playing casino games! While good news for you that the advance poker winner system has been published recently. So what special PK S608 phone poker analyzer it have? In this passage, we will make a brief introduction to introduce it advantages.

As we all know that all the poker analyzer was applied to read the barcode marked cards which marked the marks on the side by the invisible ink with the professional printer or write by the invisible ink pen. Just like the CVK analyzer and AKK poker analyzer, it also can be used as a phone. But PK S608 has adopt the advance technology, Ultra-thin body and unique arc angle design are impressive to us, so it is real sense of phone. Therefore, people wouldn't pay more attention to your phone which actually is poker winner analyzer.

The biggest breakthrough of this analyzer is that you can connect your iwatch by the blue tooth to get the result you are playing. As we all know, the poker winner analyzers we launched before only show the result as in the analyzer's screen. while, as for S608 you can get the date also by your iwatch once linked through the blue tooth. Now, we offered more choice to you. So you can see the watch screen at the same time, listen to the results through the headset. What's more, there is a mini say built-in scanning camera has been stalled into analyzer. So you don't need to buy external camera anymore. By the way, the poker scanning camera was installed into the middle of the analyzer's upper bound and the distance can reach 40cm. When the analyzer return the result, you can get the date by your earpieces within 5m. But if you think the distance range of built-in camera can't meet your need. We also can match the external scanning camera for you as it can flexible move.

If you are allowed to use your phone on the casino, you also can choose the time model to read the result. For example, if the time are showing as "12:03:04", that means the third player is the winner and the fourth player is the second winner. By the way, you also can choose to report one winner before you start playing games. What's more, there are many model offered to you choose in order to meet different situation. Looking more information, please visit our website page.

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