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PK King 518 Poker Analyzer With Double lenses

PK King 518 poker analyzers are most advanced poker predictors, it can put 5 poker games and can scan 2 decks of playing cards, and has 3 frequencies options which so that PK King 518 poker analyzers can work with any styles of cameras for any styles of poker predictors, such as MDA poker analyzer, V68 poker analyzer, CVK350 and CVK350C and CVK400 poker analyzers. Here are some reasons to choose it!
(1)First analyzer was launched in 2009,there have more than 10 kinds of poker analyzers.Different companies design different transmitters. PK King make all channels of scanners to use in one analyzer. PK King 518 support 8 kinds popular analyzers now days.
(2)Many players claim no have enough games to support their games and need to pay extra cost to buy more analyzers. Now player can input 5 games to support their games, but cvk and akk only can input 3 games.
(3)Remote control of PK KING 518 have more functions than cvk 400 and akk k4. It can change quantity of players in the game;make vibration of results;make next game reporting and remote control the built-in camera power off and power off.
(4)100% correct reporting,it will give special sound attention for each reporting.If have 6 players, and you need to know the ranking,cvk 400 and k4 will give results as 2 4 3 1 5 6, if report two times in same time, you will not know which is correct report,each number should be the first winner.But with PK KING 518, after one time reporting, it will stop and give you a attention sound, to let you know this reporting is a completely result.It wont mix the result of first winner and last position.


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