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Modiano Da Vinci Cheating Plying Cards

Do you know something about the Modiano Da Vinci Marked cards? It has the standard size for poker cards as 63*88mm and the jumbo index has been sale in our company. Moreover, it was made up by 100% PVC plastic. So Da Vinci playing cards will not scratch, tear, or crease under normal playing conditions. Durable and washable, a properly cared for deck will last for years and years!
As it well-known in Europe, sometimes it may hardly to distinguish Modiano Bike Trophy Style marked playing and it only by their back profile. Because there are several back profile of Modiano Da Vinci and one of is the same as the Modiano Bike Trophy Style marked cards. Even though, we can recognize it by their front face and it is easily to find the difference between them. As for the marks on the marked cards, it can be printed big marks in the middle, small marks in the four corners or very small marks on the white border. What is more, all the marked cards can be marked as the barcode marked playing cards for poker scanning camera.
In terms of the marks, many rules it has! But all the cheating cards can be customize as your wish in order to make the best result. Two color as red and blue we have are for you choose. We also dealing types of devices for reading marked cards.

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