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Marked Cards Casino Games Winner Predictor

Which kind of poker analyzer system have you heard before? And do you know what the function about the analyzer system? May be you just know little about it. Here we will make a brief introduction about CVK 500 poker winner predictor and know some difference about kinds of analyzer. We can offer you the analyzer as CVK analyzer, AKK analyzer and PK king poker winner system.
There is no doubt that all the marked cards analyzer system are used to read the barcode marked cards. But not all the analyzer have the build-in scanning camera, while in such situation, you can choose the external cards scanner to work with it. CVK 500poker winner analyzer has its' built-inpoker scanning camera which don't need to change the signal frequency to match the analyzer, so it will more convenience for you. Positive and negative can be placed to read the marks. As for CVK 500 analyzer, there is a big advantage that four signal frequency offered to you to choose than the AKK analyzer with only one signal frequency. Therefore, in case of you are not allowed to put your phone on the casino and you should change different signal to meet different kinds of external poker scanning camera. When it comes to the ways to show result, you can choose image display and time display. Moreover, if you want to contact the vibrator to show the show the result, it also can contact via Bluetooth. The battery is used continuously for three hours. More information you can visit our website.

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