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Magical Magnet Earphone For Marked Cards Predictor Analyzer

This special earphone looks like a Buddha beads necklace, you can hang on your neck to everywhere and would not arose any suspect from other's. In fact, it including jade pendant and collar. The collar consisting of coils, so once the coils are power ups, it can produce the magnetic field. Then your magnet earpieces will work as a common earpieces. You must wonder to know how the collar to power up? As a matter of fact, there has a power up devices in the jade pendant. What need you do is just press the button on the jade pendant to turn on, and there is a current in the coil that naturally generates a magnetic field according to physical principle. Therefore, the magnet earphone can get the result by shocking. When you see this magnet earpiece, you will shocked by its' 2mm diameter that most earpieces' diameter are 5-7mm. It can drop into your ear until eardrum, so if you want to take out it and a pieces of magnet will be enough.
To some extent, the jade pendant is as the role of Bluetooth. So it can contact the poker analyzer which can be used to sent message, make call and surf the internet. That means after the scanning camera reading the barcode marked cards, the marked cards winner system will analysis the date and return the result by your magnet earpiece. By the way before you have a playing, you should set up the corresponding way of the games. If you want other type of earpiece for marked playing cards predictor analyzer, don't be hesitate to contact with us. We can offer you one to one earpieces, completely one to one earpieces and common earphone for all kinds of poker winner system.

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