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Luminous reader infrared contact lenses and infrared poker cards bring you hope

One year, a British expedition came into a region of  Sahara desert, they walked in the vast sand sea. The sand like fried red iron sand flapped the face of the expedition under the sun. Thirst is like sunburn, anxious --- everyone's water was gone. At this time, the expedition captain took out a kettle, said: "There is also a pot of water, but before thronging the desert, no one can drink.
A pot of water, had become the source of the faith through the desert, had become the sustenance of survival goals. Kettle was transferred in the hands of every player, the heavy feeling of the kettle made the every player showing the firm expression from the despair. Finally, the expedition team were out of the desert, they got rid of the hand of death. They cried, with trembling hands unscrew the pot to support their spirit of the water slowly flowing out, but it was full of a pot of sand!
Under the scorching sun, the vast desert, what real saved them? Was that pot of sand? The real thing saved them was their faith, which took root in their heart just like a seed, and ultimately led them out of the "desperate."
In fact, life has never really desperate. No matter how much hardship, no matter how much suffering, as long as a person's heart still with a seed of faith, then one day, he will be able to out of the woods, so that life re-flowering results.
Life is like this case, as long as the seeds are there, so the hope is still there.
Playing poker is just like the case, if you still have the seed of faith to win, even if you lose too many times, you also can have the chance to win back, the infrared poker cards with luminous reader infrared contact lenses or invisible ink pen glasses can give you the hope, when you lost too many times, the invisible ink contact lenses and marked cards can help you win back, which will bring you a big hope.

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