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Large Scanning Scope Camera For IR Marked Cards

Kinds of marked cards provide in our company to meet different requirement from playing cards player. Back marked cards are widely used in casino games as it's marks can be easily read by your infrared contact lenses or UV sunglasses. But it was not safety enough due to every can have a pair of contact lenses. So types of poker scanning camera to read the marks on the side of barcode marked cards appeared. As it should work with the poker winner analyzer system, others are hard to receive the date deliver by your analyzer system. While, the scanning distance only can reach up to 80cm. How to do if you want a larger scanning scope camera? Here is a kind of camera lenses named IR scanning camera for IR marked cards writed by the invisible ink. IR camera lenses usually fixed in some fixed position like ceiling light, mural and clock. Once you have used this kinds of camera, you can see all the marked cards on the casino. So this kinds of camera really can do you a big favor!
What's more important thing is that you can see nothing with your infrared contact lenses or other cheating devices. Because when the camera scanning the back marked cards or barcode marked cards, the image will show on the display screen of your computer or television. Therefore, it may more suitable for private places for entertainment. If you are a magician, a pair of infrared contact lenses with back marked playing cards perfect match devices for you. It is hard to arose other's attention and you can enjoy your magical show by yourself.

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