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Invisible Ink Kit For You Mark Cards By Yourself

Have you notice the marks on the marked playing cards with the UV/IR contact lenses or poker scanning camera? The most importance thing is that you can not reader the marks with your naked eyes. May be you are wondering that can I mark a unique marked cards by myself? Absolutely you can! So what secret it have?
The most easy way is marked by the invisible ink pens, This magic pen are made of invisible ink. They are suitable for all kinds of games such as Blackjack, Bacarrat, Omaha poker, Texas holdem poker etc. Golden Sunshine Entertainment Ltd. which has years experience in processing UV and IR contact lenses series products. No matter what kind of material and which brand, our magic pen can mark for you according to your requirement. By the way, our magic pen can mark the card by your hand and mark you as you wish.
Invisible ink pen to help you write the marks on the back of cards. No need high tech to mark the cards, just a pen filled the ink by us. You can write on any cards and with the contact lenses you can see the marks very well. The ink can stay on cards for 10 hours and you can shuffle and shuffle the cards again and again. 1 pen can help you to mark more than 50 decks of cards. What is more, the pen can be use in Casino for gambling, also can be used in magic show or some private party.

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