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Invisible Ink Contact Lenses for Cheating Poker

When it comes to cheating poker cards, there are many ways and strategies to gain advantage. To zoom into a more specific approach, this article is talking about the luminous ink method of cheating poker. The luminous ink is applied on the back of a red deck of cards. The cheater has a few options on how they want to cheat. There are (2) types of readers. One, the luminous ink reader glasses. This is the more traditional way of reading the markings. Two, the luminous ink reader contact lenses. The contact lens is by far the most desired method of cheating. No suspicious sunglasses.

The luminous ink reader sunglasses must be dark, but also can't be to dark. Then you must pop out the invisible ink contact lenses and apply the red filter to the lens. You must wear the sunglasses in order to see the markings. The sunglasses are a more "traditional" approach to viewing the invisible ink markings. As a magician, it may look suspicious wearing the sunglasses every time you name off which card somebody has..

The luminous ink reader contact lenses is a more up-to-date method of viewing the marked cards. The contacts must be manufactured perfectly with the built in filters in such a way so it doesn't hurt your eyes. These infrared contact lenses are hard to find and when you can find a pair they are extremely expensive. The sunglasses are marked around $199.99 - $399.99, but the contact lens are marked around $399.99 - $799.99 Then you have to look into buying a marked deck of cards for even more money. Very expensive in the long run. Until now. invisibleinkmarkedcards.com has teamed up with a manufacturing contact company and they agreed to ship them in huge quantities so we are able to lower the prices on the contact lenses.

who sale luminous ink contact lenses for poker cards cheat with pen? how much for marked poker decks? you can read my website, we will let you know!

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