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Interested In Marked Cards With Passwords

What is the passwords marked playing cards? you may asked when you heard it at first time. Just like its named, the passwords are meant to be the special codes provided by famous playing card brand and features of the special decks which contain unperceivable signs or patterns on the backside of cards. While, what can be the passwords? Mostly are the distinction of back patterns like dots, colors, or maybe shadows of finish, or a mix of all above. The hidden characteristics are variant in different brands and companies, even in each identical deck. Card cheater should remember the codes corresponding to actual card values or suits.
Things are all have two sides, the same pattern of backsides is originally to conceal true front values but also provide a place for some little tiny modifications as hints. cheats can make changes to cards without scruples, there are several considerations as good choices. By adding an extra dot with same color to a given area of cards back, this is so called block out, and you can tint other different parts of cards to distinguish numbers, besides blocking and tinting, some may prefer cutting out tiny pieces off back of cards to make a stain, and crimp the corner of a card and so on. And at casino around table, the deceptions are ongoing with diminutive stuff hidden on body of players, somewhere like nails, buttons, cuffs, hairs, ears etc. The small things used for smearing marks can be something like dust, eye shadow, juice, juice dust, pencil graphite, cigarette ashes, dirt from sole, ink, invisible ink, and many other stuff that you never would see the end of this list.
So how to detect such altering and daubing jobs? Well, all these works will destroy the consistency of cards finish and shininess, if you hold a card and let it tilt in different angles to any source of lights, you would see some parts look more dull than others.

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