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Infrared Sunglasses See Through Poker Cards

In terms of the sunglasses, it may be the most fashion styles and safety in all the eyewear accessories, if you were allowed to wear it. No matter you are magician or enthusiast of marked playing cards, you are always try to avoid being recognizing your facial actions by other competitors. especially the eyeballs movements, so they pretend to act in a way called poker face. So it is not stranger, the sunglasses appear all kinds of conditions.
The sunglasses applied to read the marks on marked playing cards makes more sense on the poker games. The sunglasses are not only a designer accessory to players, but also a tool or s method to hide their motivations might showed on their face expressions. So a handsome sunglasses to read the poker help a lot in your self-defense. All the infrared sunglasses have been processed by the high-technology. What is more there is nothing difference between the normal one in the appearance.
The infrared sunglasses usually work with types of invisible ink marked playing cards. Those decks are marked with invisible luminous inks, naked eyes can not see any different between those and normal standard cards, because the luminous cards reflect infrared band that human beings are not able to directly see it. But with the help of infrared sunglasses, the marks can show to you clearly!

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