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How Mercury Dice Work in Dice Game?

Our mercury dice can be used as a cheating device to help you win lots of money in dice games. So do you know how does it work?
On the outside, there is nothing special about our mercury dice, while on the inside, we have put a certain amount of mercury -- the only liquid metal, into the dice. Still, our mercury dice weigh nearly as much as the unprocessed dice. Not only can people not tell the weight differences between the former and the latter with their hands, they even can not find the mercury even if they smash the dice into pieces.
Our mercury dice can be used to cheat at dice games in any situation without any support from other tools like a controller or a vibrator. The mercury is movable, capable of moving to any side of the dice. For example, if you want to get 6 point, you just need to make 1 point face-down then, the mercury will move to the side of 1. And under the action of gravity, the face of 6 will always face up. In other words, the mercury dice are just like tumblers for as long as their center of gravity is fixed, no matter how you spin them, only the fixed side(s) will face up.
It may not be easy to toss the dice sides you want, especially for beginners, which is why users need to practice rolling the mercury dice again and again until they become good at it. Practice makes perfect!

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